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Record ConnectionAbout Gigspots

Gigspots’ mission is to provide resources for performing bands, live music venues, and the fans of live music. We produce and promote live music events in our home port of Lancaster and at partner venues across PA, MD and DE. One of our mottos is, “Where bands, fans and venues click.” We find the emerging and favorite bands at the “hidden gem” venues in towns across the mid-Atlantic and let everybody in on the secrets. If you know a great spot or are looking for a new one, click on Gigspots.

Venues enjoy an easy, cost effective resource to review, audition and hire acts. Your profile will reach a specific target audience tailored to music fans living in or visiting your town. Gigspots can build your audience by bringing you the business and pleasure travelers with a taste for live music.

Bands build a free profile, get on our radar and get on the playlist of our client venues! Gigspots offers help with booking, tour management, sound and lighting, press releases, bios, album/show reviews, graphic design and professional photography/videography. You could be in a Gigspots Showcase or Tour before you know it! You can preview venues, coordinate with bands from other regions and plan more cost- effective tours. Fans of live music will use the site to preview bands and venues and to connect with them for reservations, tickets and the purchase of band or venue merchandise.

Fans will also benefit from coupons and other money saving promotions on travel, lodging, dining and related expenses. A linked, coordinated blog and social networking pages will give fans the opportunity to share reviews and pictures from destinations and events they attended or plan to attend.

Your staycation, eco-, agro-, historical or sports tourist experience doesn’t have to end at sundown. Tour the x. Participate in y. Then catch a local gig before your z’s. Gigspots.com is becoming the site where people go to find bands, venues, dining, lodging and entertainment values from Pittsburgh to Philly, from the Poconos to the Potomac. Explore the region’s daytime destinations that drew you there. Then enjoy live music and more in your “hometown for the night.” We call it Gigspotting.