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American Hollar

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American Hollar was conceived by Michael S. Males in 2008. To not sound self serving, and use "Michael S. Males" as a band name or to go under the guise of his own name for promotion purposes, American Hollar seemed much more fitting.

Michael S. Males started writing in early 2008 in an effort to document the people in his life, the places he had been and the curve balls life handed him, good or bad. The songs are about life...in general...his life and the lives of those around him, which everyone can relate to. Love gained, love lost, hard times, good times and often times nonsense.

In July of 2009, Michael S. Males and Trampas Ferree formed the internet radio station, MyRuralRadio.com.

MyRuralRadio.com is a website that plays all original music by independant or unsigned musicians. The site and "station" were formed in an attempt to bring the music of fellow songwriters to a borader audience.

The MyRuralRadio.com project put Michael into the arena with musicians from all over the country that helped craft his songs with him by collaborating and performing them time and time again, week after week. Each time the songs are played, they take on a new life or revitalization of the subject matter they were written about spontaneously in the moment they are played.