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Welcome to Gigspots! This site is dedicated to helping bands, fans and venues connect and share resources so that all of us can enjoy great live music in places we love. By using this site, you agree to and are bound by the following Terms of Use. Please do not misuse this site or post any content onto this site that you do not wish to be seen and shared by others. If you do misuse this site or violate the Terms of Use, or any applicable laws or regulations governing this site, the administrators of Gigspots may choose to terminate your use of and access to this site at their sole discretion. Posting private and personal information on this site will constitute a violation of these terms of use.

Site Usage
You are authorized to view the content of this site and you agree that your use of the site is only of a personal nature unless authorized by Gigspots. You are not authorized to: harvest or collect in any manner email addresses or other contact information; reproduce or copy any part of or posting on the site; copy or reproduce any content of the site; or use the site in an unlawful manner (re: Title 17, United States Code, Section 512c of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

User Content
You must agree that nothing you post, upload, publish or display (hereafter “post”) on the site will infringe upon the rights of any third party with regard to copyright, trademark, privacy or proprietary rights. You also agree that you will post nothing or a libelous, defamatory or otherwise unlawful nature. You are solely responsible for any content you post. Gigspots may, but is not obligated to, review, remove or delete any content that you post. Anything posted on Gigspots becomes the property of Gigspots and may be added, deleted or modified by Gigspots at their sole discretion and at any time without notice.

Gigspots does not want nor are we seeking to collect your personal information. Please do not post or otherwise disclose any personal contact or financial information. Anything you post on the site can only be construed by Gigspots as non-confidential and we cannot be held responsible. We only want you to share contact information for your band, venue or brand (advertisers). We have contracted with PayPal for any account transactions that may occur because we take your privacy and ours very seriously. We will not distribute your personal information because we will not have it.

Links to Third Party Sites
Gigspots will have many links to third party sites on the World Wide Web: for advertising, social networking, travel information and music streaming to name a few. Gigspots cannot be held responsible or liable for any content, operational features, guarantees or security measures of any third party sites. Even if you linked to the third party site through Gigspots, we do not endorse or guarantee any third party content.