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Music For EveryoneHow to Gig It and Why:

There is no fee to join Gigspots.com; you just need to complete a band profile. There are drop down menu boxes where you can choose your genre/style and region. You can post a picture of the band. There is a place to enter links to your band’s homepage and the social networking sites you use. Best of all is the concept of “gig sharing.” Connect with bands in a region you’d like to tour. Open for them in a venue they pack. Catch a smaller gig while you’re in town. Return the favor for them in your hometown. Complete your weekend by catching a gig along the road. There’s a college or music festival everywhere you look in this region. Gigspots puts it all in one place. There will be an interactive calendar so you can constantly refresh your calendar of gigs.

Band Profile:

Tell us about your band and why someone should become a fan or book your band for a gig. Tell us your band name, the members’ names, the instruments and vocals they handle. Tell us your style/genre. Tell us your region now and what regions you’d like to target. Tell us if you have a manager and all the contact info you care to share. Include a band bio or your favorite press releases.

Band Links:

As part of your band Profile you can provide links to your band home page or any other social network sites you use. These will be accessible anytime somebody sees your band name on a Gigspots page.

Your Fans:

Tell us something about your fan base as part of your Profile. This will help venues decide if your audience is part of their target audience. Your fans will be able to see your page and your links and check out the venues. They will also have access to the Gigspots blog and Facebook page where they can post set lists, pictures, reviews, likes and comments.

Create Your Band Profile