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Music For EveryoneHow to Stage It and Why:

Live music draws a crowd: but only if the crowd is following the band or if they know you consistently book great music. Gigspots reaches your target audience all across the region. How do we know? Because the audience helps influence the content of the site: they create the buzz about the bands, venues and regions they love. By being a Gigspots venue, you connect to the locals and to the people considering an overnight or weekend getaway to your town. You get to preview and connect with great bands and their fans; they might just be an hour’s drive away or coming to your town for a convention. Tourism drives this region’s economy and people shop for it the same place they network: on the internet. Gigspots isn’t an international corporation. It’s a small but driven team connecting the people we know, love and network with to the bands and places we want them to experience.

Venue Profile:

Tell us about your venue and why we should love it too. Show us a picture and list some of your amenities: menu, parking, proximity to lodging or mass transit, etc. Show the visitors to your region why you belong on their list of must-sees. What sets you apart?

Venue Links:

Link us to your website and social network pages; let your fans speak for you. Show off your website to present a more complete picture of what you bring to the table. You’ve already made the connections. Let them work for you. Gigspots is going to put them in front of people with the potential to walk in your front door.

Your Clients:

Your business is built on repeat customers. Every one of them walked in your doors for the first time once: to catch a show or a meal or just on a whim. Now they are your best advocates and advertising via word of mouth. Gigspots is going to put your name on the lips and fingertips of a lot of people in this region.

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